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We Proudly Offer a Number of Alternative Market and Options for Your Business

When traditional business insurance can't provide the solution for your risk management needs we have a number of alternative markets and options we can employ. We have different ways to manage risk intelligently through the use of higher retention, risk retention groups, or captive insurance programs.

Captive insurance is utilized by insured that choose to:

  • put their own capital at risk by creating their own insurance company,

  • working outside of the commercial insurance marketplace,

  • to achieve their risk financing objectives.

Reviewing these three essential features of captive insurance will help to clarify the nature of a captive insurance company.

Any insured who purchases captive insurance must be willing and able to invest its own resources. The insured in a captive insurance company not only has ownership in and control of the company but also benefits from its profitability.

A policyholder in a mutual insurance company is theoretically entitled to receive dividends if the company makes a profit. In reality, however, mutual insurance companies generally accumulate rather than distribute their surplus.

Captive insurers often have significantly less capital than commercial insurers and no protection for the insureds from state guaranty funds. But those who use captive insurance choose to participate in the risks and rewards associated with using their own risk capital, rather than paying to use the capital of commercial insurers. They make this choice believing that captive insurance offers something superior to commercial insurance. And commercial insurance is not always available. Since they are not traditional commercial insurers, captives are considered a part of what is often called the "alternative market," or "alternative risk transfer (ART) market."

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Over the past four decades, Kenosha Achievement Center, Inc. has developed a great partnership with Valeri Agency and their dedication to our well-being is amazing!  They really know their business and almost as important they take the time to know ours. We love that we talk to people that care about the welfare of our organization as much as much as we do."

-Christine Weyker, Kenosha Achievement Center

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