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Be Prepared For Open Enrollment

October 12, 2020

Open enrollment is right around the corner for many Americans and it’s important to consider your options and plan for the year ahead. Typically, open enrollment will start on November 1st.  For those individuals purchasing insurance subsidized by the government, there are two primary insurance companies that provide individual health plans for Kenosha and surrounding areas. These companies offer several plan designs, all of which are network-driven. That means that they don’t offer out-of-network coverage except in case of emergency. 
Seniors for Medicare Enrollment | Valeri Agency

Are You Signed Up for Medicare?

October 12, 2020

Of the over 74,000 adult citizens living in the City of Kenosha, over 12,000 are in the age category qualifying them as "senior citizens". That means, at this time of year when open enrollment is occurring for Medicare, there are over 12,000 Kenoshans who could benefit from the expertise our professionals at the Valeri Agency can provide assistance to.
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Working From Home

October 8, 2020

America’s new “work-from-home” economy may have some lasting implications for America’s workforce.

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Keep Your Carpet Clean

September 21, 2020

Nothing makes a house smell fresher than a clean carpet.

Avoid Workplace Slips | Valeri Agency

Avoid Workplace or Home Slips, Trips and Falls

September 10, 2020

How many stairs do you ascend or descend every day?

Parking Lot Safety

August 31, 2020

There are a lot of accidents in parking lots.

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Healthy Restaurants are About More than Food

August 13, 2020

Owning and managing a successful restaurant takes an enormous amount of knowledge, patience and skill.

Are You Ready to Transition to the Fall? | Valeri Agency

Are You Ready to Transition to the Fall?

August 12, 2020

The end of summer and the return of cold weather in Wisconsin is hard enough without having to deal with this pandemic.