Staying Safe During a Pandemic | Valeri Agency

Staying Safe During a Pandemic | Valeri Agency

Staying Safe During a Pandemic | Valeri Agency

October 17, 2020

Coronavirus continues to increase in Wisconsin and Valeri Agency’s clients are doing everything in their power to keep their employees and customers safe.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been monitoring the virus on the national level and has been issuing guidance on this new, highly contagious contagion. As they gain information, their guidance can change, so it is vital that businesses and individuals stay abreast of the latest developments.


Most people are aware of the three basic tenets of staying healthy. 

  • Social Distancing
  • Wash Your Hands
  • Wear a Mask

Although we are no longer under a statewide shutdown order, just as Wisconsin has been struggling to contain the virus our state leaders have been unable to reach a consensus on the proper approach to reopening. The Valeri Agency shares this information on no-contact thermometers so our families, customers and businesses can make enlightened decisions as they go about the difficult task of trying to return to normal despite the virus.

All of our clients want to do the right thing. Our individual clients continue to follow the rules as best they can and our business customers have taken steps to lessen the impact of the virus. Staying abreast of the changing virus landscape has been difficult on everybody, especially those small businesses wherein the rules have been changing and the science developing.


One of the tools people have been using to stay safe is no-contact thermometers. Unlike the old under-the-tongue oral and other methods of taking temperatures, where the process was slow and often inaccurate (not to mention uncomfortable), no-contact thermometers have become wildly popular as a quick, safe, comfortable way to take peoples’ temperature.

Thermometers have been around for centuries. Italian physician Santorio Santorio is generally credited with inventing the device in the late 1600s, although widespread use didn’t happen until much later.

No-contact thermometers (also known as thermography) have been around for years although their acceptance and usage has increased exponentially in the world of Covid.

Touchless thermometers are a valuable tool that can help to assure businesses that they are are reopening safely. There are a wide variety of models and kinds available. It is important that business research what they need and purchase the no-contact thermometer that will work best in their individual circumstances. Because some models capture protected information on the individuals being monitored, it makes sense to get legal advice before putting your “temperature before entering” plan in place.

No-contact thermometers are great for home usage for a family with late-rising kids and moms or dads rushing to get out the door to their employment if they are working outside the home.

They are also a key component of virtually every responsible business trying to return to some semblance of normalcy while Coronavirus continues to be an issue.


Businesses using no-contact thermometers to measure customer and employee temperature include:

  • Schools
  • Worksites
  • Restaurants/bars
  • Grocery Stores
  • Department stores and other retail establishments
  • Hospitals

There is no doubt that no-contact thermometers can help keep us safe. It is an unfortunate reality as we trudge forward looking to the day when this virus is behind us.


The vaccine, even when it happens, will likely take substantial time for distribution and actual vaccination of the population. Even then, we do not yet know how long it will last or how effective it will be.

In the meantime, we need to continue to do everything we can to keep our families, customers and employees confident that they remain healthy.

No-contact thermometers help us do that.


For more information on no-contact thermometers read this blog by our partners at the West Bend Mutual Insurance Company.

Be safe. Be healthy. Call your friends at the Valeri Agency with any questions you have about insurance and how it is affected by the Coronavirus.

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