Springtime in Wisconsin: Are You Protected?

Springtime in Wisconsin: Are You Protected?

Springtime in Wisconsin: Are You Protected?

May 14, 2019

Because your things matter. Tornado/flood coverage.

It’s not something that any of us likes to think about, but protecting your home or business from tornado and flood damage is so important here in Wisconsin. Depending on the day, weather here can be sizzling hot, bitter cold, dry, humid, stormy, calm or with gale-force winds. Heavy rains are not uncommon and southeastern Wisconsin is definitely no stranger to tornados. So what does such volatile weather mean for you? It means you should contact a Valeri Agency specialist today-because your investments matter.

Our Midwestern landscape impacts more than you might think. Most mortgage companies will not approve a loan these days until the prospective homeowner has confirmed their flood insurance coverage. Flood maps in our area have been redrawn in the past few years, and homes that were not originally located in a floodplain may now be.  That information is required to be disclosed on a home’s property condition report, so potential buyers-and lenders-are aware.  

More homeowners are choosing to add this beneficial coverage. The team at the Valeri Agency has seen an upswing in flood insurance policies in Kenosha and Racine Counties. Not sure if this type of policy is right for you? Curious about how much flood insurance might cost? Contact a Valeri specialist today to learn about all the options available to you. We work with carriers from across the country. 

Tornado or windstorm coverage also protects your investment from disaster. Unlike flood insurance, however, tornado coverage is part of a homeowner’s standard policy. It is included at no additional cost. There has been one noticeable change, however, for commercial policies. The commercial windstorm deductible is now 5% of the insured value-not a set dollar amount. If you are insuring a $1 million building, that deductible can add up quickly. 

So how do you prepare for disaster, while hoping that it never happens? Work with a Valeri specialist who can discuss your specific needs to find the best coverage at a competitive rate. Our team knows our community, knows the market and we are here to serve our clients 24/7. That way, whether the weather is sunny or stormy, you are protected. 

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