Personal Lines Policies: What You Might Not Know

Personal Lines Policies: What You Might Not Know

Personal Lines Policies: What You Might Not Know

September 11, 2019

The Valeri Agency is dedicated to partnering with all of our clients, to find the best insurance coverage for their specific needs. We do this by building relationships with families and individuals, discussing their financial goals and helping them meet those goals while planning for life’s twists and turns. We also serve as a point of information for many clients. 

Some clients come to us when they are ready to rent their first apartment. While we discuss life insurance, auto insurance and more, many clients are not aware of how much a renter’s insurance policy covers - and how cost-effective a policy can be. Most landlords now require proof of renters’ insurance before offering a rental agreement. Often for less than $200 a year, rental clients can insure all of their belongings, which is a huge relief and protection.

Another area in which sometimes additional guidance is needed is auto liability limits. Vehicles are being produced with more and more high-tech accessories, which are often expensive to repair or replace. If the worst happens during an accident - you’re at fault, you hit a newer vehicle, and/or if the other party is injured, the costs start to add up. We find that many times, customers come to us without sufficient liability limits to cover bigger losses. Valeri Agency specialists have a list of worst-case scenarios to share with customers, to inform and empower them. 

Another policy we encourage customers to consider is an umbrella policy. We know how hard our clients work, and Valeri Agency specialists want to protect all that they have earned. A traffic accident that results in injuries, a dog the gets loose and bites a neighbor, a teen driver going too fast - each of these seemingly small occurrences can result in rapidly rising costs to the policyholder. The umbrella policy, which can range from $1 million to $5 million, offers protection from having to start all over again. 

Your Valeri Agency specialist will work with you and for you. Contact us today to learn why having a local agent with a national reach is so important. Because local matters.

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