Keeping your Data Secure Against Internal and External Threats

Keeping your Data Secure | Valeri Agency

Keeping your Data Secure Against Internal and External Threats

May 7, 2019

These days it seems like security software and firewalls can barely keep pace with technology utilized by hackers and others intent on stealing personal data. It can be a scary time, especially for companies with limited capacity. Cybersecurity coverage and business interruption insurance are truly necessities for companies of all sizes. Effectively handling a data breach involves positive public relations, data recovery, system upgrades and swift, transparent communications with all stakeholders.

One data breach can easily devastate a smaller company; the average cost to restore systems and data lost is nearly $200 per record in the United States, with total average costs reaching $7 million. Coverage is essential to protect your company. The specialists at the Valeri Agency will meet with you to discuss your organization’s specific needs, and then use their connections with carriers nationwide to find the best policy for you.

While many businesses focus on the need for physical security measures in place for guests coming to their location (metal detectors, checkpoints and/or security guards), fewer think about internal threats to data. Damage from even one security breach - especially the damage to reputation and employee morale - can be extremely high in dollar amounts and in public opinion.

Loyal employees can be a risk to their company, even unintentionally. It’s important to train employees on how to protect company data, both in the office and while traveling. Items like flash drives, company laptops - even paper files - need to be carefully handled and never left unattended. An effective training program will ensure that all employees understand the importance of securing access to company data.

In addition, it is best practice to immediately secure all data and change passwords when individuals with access to confidential data leave the company. There should be no loose ends when it comes to protecting data and protecting your company. Schedule a consultation with Valeri Agency today to secure the right cyber security coverage for your business.

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