Keeping your Cool in the Summer Months

Keeping your Cool in the Summer Months

Keeping your Cool in the Summer Months

July 28, 2018

No matter where you live in the United States, you're almost certain to experience some hot, humid and sticky days. Even if you enjoy the heat, an air conditioner can provide much-needed relief when temperature keeps rising. A/C units can take a beating throughout the year, enduring bone-chilling cold in the winter and unrelenting sun in the summer.

Like any major appliance, air conditioners have a limited life span. Parts can fail and the unit can stop cooling effectively. A/C units are expensive investments. It's essential to have your unit serviced annually, for optimal operation. Dehumidifiers are another home appliance that get a lot of use in the summer months.

Dehumidifiers work overtime, particularly in basements, where humidity and dampness can build up. Making sure that filters are changed regularly will help prolong the unit's life and reduce the risk of overheating.

It's also important to replace furnace filters and inspect the unit periodically. If you notice water around the base of the furnace, or if the unit emits loud noises or grinding, it may be time to call a repair tech.

Don't defer maintenance on your appliances. Scheduling regular inspections and tune-ups will help protect your investment. For more helpful information, we encourage you to check out this article by our friends at West Bend Insurance.

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