How to Create a Strong Password

How to Create a Strong Password

How to Create a Strong Password

April 22, 2021

Over 23 million accounts use the password "123456" making it the most common password out there. While you may know not to use a password like that, do you know how to create a strong password?

Being able to create a strong password is essential for protecting yourself and all of your accounts online. Before you make your next password, you should know what you can do to strengthen your login information.

Keep reading for tips on how to create a strong password.

Use a Long Password

One of the easiest options for how to create a strong password is to make it long. Fewer characters will require fewer tries before someone can guess your password.

Many websites and apps have a minimum character count for a password. Even if there isn't a minimum, use as many characters as you can. That way, it will be harder for someone to guess your password quickly.

A longer password also gives you more of a chance to include different characters, which can make your password even more secure. You don't have to use the longest password in the world, but adding a few more characters can make a difference.

Make It Unique

You should also avoid using the same password for multiple websites or apps. Of course, it can be easy to remember all of your passwords when you only use a few of them. However, it will be easier for hackers to figure them all out.

You can come up with different passwords for each account you have. Figure out different words or phrases that you can remember. Then, you can make sure you don't reuse the same password over and over.

You can also vary your passwords by changing some of the characters. Now, this isn't as secure as a completely unique password, but it can help if you don't want to write your passwords down.

Avoid Personal Information

When trying to come up with different passwords, you may think to use some personal information. Perhaps you come up with a password that uses your birth date and your birthplace.

Or maybe you include the name of the street you grew up on or your address, especially if you work from home. Using personal information in a password may help you remember it, but it won't be as strong.

Hackers can do their research, so they may know your birth date, birthplace, and your childhood address. Those details may be some of the first things a hacker tries, and it might not take them long to guess your password.

Mix Up the Characters

Another option for how to create a strong master password is to mix up the characters you use. Instead of using a string of letters together, mix up the letters with numbers or special symbols.

Perhaps your old password was something like: catanddoglover2235

You can turn that password into something like: cat2and2dog3lover5

That way, you can mix up the different types of characters you use. It can be easy to remember a phrase like "cat and dog lover" followed by the number 2235. However, you can still use those things in your password.

Mixing up the different elements may add an extra layer of security. Then, it can take longer for hackers to guess your password.

Don't Use Popular Substitutions

If you've ever wanted to figure out how to create a strong password that's easy to remember, you may have used a substitution. One example of this is to swap out the letter O for the numeral 0.

Using these substitutions can be an easy way to switch up your password and avoid strings of letters. However, they may not be much more secure than not using a substitution.

Hackers know about these substitutions, so they may not wait long to try some of the more popular ones out. While you may be able to use one or two substitutions per password, don't use them every chance you get.

Use a Sentence as Inspiration

Another great option for how to create a strong password for Reddit or any other website is to use a sentence. The sentence won't be your password, but it can help you create a password.

For example, you could use the sentence "I love pizza and burgers 365 days a year."

You could create a password using only the vowels: Ioeiaaue365aaea

Or you could use only the consonants to create a strong password: Lvpzzndbrgrs365dysyr

Both of those options are more secure than something like "pizzandburgers365"

Figure out a sentence that's easy to remember and a rule you want to use. You can also use only the first or last letter of each word as long as the password is long enough.

Use an Association

Whether you want to choose a sentence for password inspiration or something else, you can create a password from an association you have. For example, maybe you have a summer home you visit for each Fourth of July, and you bring your dog.

If you need to create a password to book your summer travels, you could associate it with the holiday or your dog. You could create a password like: 7family4dog

Or you could use a sentence like, "I love spending the 4th of July with my dog." You could use the vowels and numbers to get something like: Ioeeie4thuyiyo

Generate a Password

If you still can't come up with enough strong passwords for all of your accounts, you can use a password generator. You can sign up for an account with a generator website or app, and you can connect it to your favorite browser.

Then, when you create a new account, you can have the system create a password and store it. When you need to log back into your account, you can use the password tool to remember the correct password.

That way, you can use a unique password for each of your accounts, and you can make sure it's a strong one.

Reviewing How to Create a Strong Password

If you know how to create a strong password, you can protect yourself and your accounts from hackers. Then, you can feel safer when you browse the web.

Whether you want to create a new password or change one for an existing account, keep these things in mind. That way, you can stay one step ahead of even the best hackers online.

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How to Create a Strong Password

How to Create a Strong Password

April 22, 2021

Over 23 million accounts use the password "123456" making it the most common password out there.