Don’t Slip Up on Workplace Safety

Don’t Slip Up on Workplace Safety

Don’t Slip Up on Workplace Safety

May 14, 2019

Did you know that over one million Americans suffer an injury caused by a slip, trip or fall each year? Well over 60% of injuries within the services, wholesale and retail trade industries resulted from same-level falls. Slips, trips and fall injuries make up almost 20 percent of all job related injuries so it’s vital that your workplace is safe and that you have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers you and your company.

While falls can occur from large construction equipment, the majority are caused by more mundane issues like wet floors, uneven flooring and bumpy carpets or rugs. As an employer, checking your office or warehouse space for tripping hazards should be routine. On rainy days, are there adequate mats for employees to dry off their shoes? Is your carpet worn in spots, making it uneven? These may seem like small details, but the injuries caused by slips, trips and falls cost employers nearly $40,000 per incident. Your Valeri Agency specialist will work with you to help ensure that your liability coverage meets your specific needs.

What can you do to prevent falls and trips from occurring in the first place? Adequate lighting, signage and organization are three key pieces to creating and maintaining a safe, healthy workplace.

  • Sufficient lighting: if your office has more than one floor, is the lighting in stairwells bright and in working order? Dark corners and/or dim lights make tripping or, even worse, falling down stairs, more likely to happen. Stairs should be surrounded by good lighting and solid handrails.
  • Signage: take a walk through your entire facility, and make notes of whether or not all exit signs are well-placed and numerous. For other directional signs, are they clear? Are the graphics easy to understand?
  • Organization: it can be easy to place empty boxes in a hallway or stairwell until your staff has time to recycle but these can quickly become a tripping hazard. All office supply deliveries and any worn-out furniture should be put in their proper place to avoid employees bumping into boxes or using unsafe office chairs, etc.

Following these easy steps and talking with your Valeri Agency specialist can help keep your investments and your employees healthy, safe and productive. Contact the Valeri Agency today. 

West Bend Insurance wrote a blog that includes more extensive information on workplace safety.

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