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Business & the World of Technology

July 20, 2020

The world of technology expands the possibilities throughout every segment of American life. Computers have become so pervasive in our society that they affect nearly every aspect of our daily existence.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” – Abraham Lincoln

Many businesses in today’s technology-driven economy provide services to businesses and individuals that relate to their computers. It’s not just the Best Buys of the world who sell computers that we are referring to. Rather, there are dozens of business categories that provide these futuristic services and products. These include:

  • Consulting firms specializing in technology
  • Management and repair of IT products
  • System sales and installation
  • System analysis
  • Programmers
  • Data processors
  • System integration (a second-generation service that involves adapting new technology into existing systems)
  • Software development and/or design
  • Disaster recovery/records retrieval
  • IT training and/or education

This industry is constantly changing as new innovations come to the market. At the Valeri Agency, we make it a priority to see that while your business works to keep people connected, we work to keep you protected.

Insurance products designed specifically for IT businesses can give you piece of mind that, even when there are situations outside of your general liability coverage, you have policies or addenda to deal with virtually any situation that might arise.


As much as innovation empowers your IT business, the Valeri Agency knows that adequate insurance protects it. Technology businesses can go forward attacking the unique and ever-changing challenges common in their business with an enhanced measure of confidence by letting the Valeri Agency design an insurance package specifically for you.

Most business owners know the value of general and professional liability. Those products have been around forever and will continue to be staples in the inventory of insurance products for Kenosha and Racine area businesses.



But they do NOT always cover everything a technology company might encounter. For example, if one of your clients experiences a hard drive failure while you are performing work on their system, there may be huge exposure for your company if the failure can be traced to your employee. 

If your client’s confidential information somehow leaks as a result of something one of your employee’s does, you may need specific coverage for that.

A professional liability errors and omissions policy designed specifically for technology companies offers coverage for these and other claims, for example:

  • Downtime losses a client might experience as a result of a hardware failure limiting their access to receivable records, making them unable to collect bills

  • Software issues resulting in the total loss of receivables, or other records

  • Hackers resulting from inadvertent release of a client’s confidential info

Queen: “We will, we will rock you!”

Valeri: “We will, we will protect you!”

There are many options for additional coverage for IT companies like prior acts (actions taken before the effective date of the policy); data breaches; and intellectual property issues.

Available coverage and/or addenda specific to IT companies offer coverage for electronic data liability, employment practices liability and employee benefits liability. 


Your IT company will live long and prosper if you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to modern day insurance protections. There is no better place for Kenosha and Racine area IT businesses to get a package designed than at the Valeri Agency, your connection for protection.

To learn more about insurance coverage for computer related products and services, the Valeri Agency is proud to offer this blog by our partners at the West Bend Mutual Insurance Company.

You can trust the Valeri Agency for the life of your business. When you bring a question or concern to us, we hear you. When you have an issue and want to access your coverage quickly, we are here for you.

Contact our team today. Our professional agents are here to help.

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