Because Your Things Matter: Winter Sports & Insurance

Winter Sports & Insurance | Valeri Agency

Because Your Things Matter: Winter Sports & Insurance

January 9, 2019

Knowing Wisconsin, Knowing our Clients: Valeri Provides Protection and Peace of Mind Year-round

While a lot of us complain about living in Wisconsin as soon as the cruel winter weather hits, there are perks! You don’t have to look too far to find fun, inexpensive and family-friendly activities (indoors and out) around the Kenosha area. They are only a few of the many reasons that all of us at the Valeri Agency love living and working in Kenosha-and serving its many residents.

Wilmot Mountain offers skiing, snow tubing and snowboarding and a renovated lodge-so matter what your skill level, families can spend the day having fun and making memories. The Recplex ice arena and the city of Kenosha offer ice skating opportunities. The Recplex offers open skate hours throughout the year (check their website for the current schedule) as well as a variety of individual and group lessons, and hockey classes. They also offer therapeutic skating classes for skaters with special needs.

The city’s outdoor ice rink is located just west of City Hall, in Downtown Kenosha. Skates are available for free rental (mainly in the evenings and on weekends) and the rink is usually open seven days a week, weather permitting. When you have finished skating, there are a number of restaurants that would be happy to warm you up with soup, hot chocolate or a hot meal!

If you prefer to hop on a snowmobile instead of skates or skis, Valeri specialists can help keep you safe, too. Wisconsin has miles of trails to explore-in winter or summer. As local agents, we understand that many of our clients enjoy outdoor sports and recreation, all year long.

Let Valeri Agency insure your precious cargo while you enjoy all that winter in Wisconsin offers! We are proud to offer many health insurance options to our clients-whether you have small children, grandchildren or none at all.

Valeri specialists take the time to meet with you, listen and learn about your specific needs and then use our relationships with national insurance carriers to find the best policy for you. Contact our team today to find out how we can save you money and provide peace of mind.

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