Because you love your family. Life is not predictable. Life insurance is.

Because you love your family. Life is not predictable. Life insurance is.

February 15, 2019

Not much is guaranteed in life, but the team at Valeri can help you plan for the unexpected. One very important piece of that planning is life insurance. Life insurance, unlike the volatile stock market or uneven retirement plans, is predictable and guaranteed. It can be a huge help to those you care about, covering funeral expenses, or paying off liabilities like college debt or mortgages.

Why life insurance is so important:

  • it eases financial hardship for your beneficiary
  • it is asset-guaranteed
  • it offers full liquidity upon the policyholder’s death death
  • benefits are tax-free and protected from creditors

A life insurance policy-whether you are just starting your career, welcoming your first child or are enjoying retirement-is a wise investment. Be sure, as you move through different stages in life, that your beneficiary is specified and up to date. Your Valeri agent will work with you to secure a life insurance policy that meets your specific needs.

Many employers offer life insurance to their employees. These policies are often at a lower, group rate, making them attractive to workers just starting out. We encourage employees to research their workplace options and to purchase the policy, if it is a good fit.

We also encourage consumers to review their life insurance policies regularly. We find that young people may purchase term insurance, which is relatively inexpensive during the term of the policy. As the policy ages, however, they may let it lapse. That leads to a drop in coverage. When they look at permanent insurance as an alternative, the price increase is steep. But permanent insurance has cash value, whereas term insurance generally only provides death benefits.

One other suggestion: don’t wait! Life is short. Buy life insurance while you are young and healthy. As consumers age and as their health declines, premiums increase. In addition, older adults often acquire chronic medical conditions, which make them harder to insure.

Let the team at Valeri find the most appropriate and most cost-effective policy for you. We work with carriers across the country to offer a variety of options to our customers. Contact the Valeri Agency today. Because local matters.

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