Because You Care About Your Employees

Because you care about your employees

Because You Care About Your Employees

September 4, 2019

Workers Compensation Insurance

One of the biggest concerns-and liabilities-for business owners is employee safety. Whether you have one staff person or 500, worker’s compensation coverage is critical. If an employee is injured while working on the job, you can be held liable. Costs for treatment and rehabilitation, if needed, can deal a huge financial blow to your organization. It is essential to know your policy options, what and who is covered and what your responsibilities are as a business owner. 

Worker’s compensation insurance is state-mandated and state-regulated in Wisconsin. If a business is found to be lacking in this coverage, the State of Wisconsin can assess fines against the owner. The Valeri Agency team has decades of experience in matching business owners with policies that provide comprehensive coverage while being competitively priced. 

While there are a tiny number of self-insured employers in our state, the vast majority are required to hold worker’s compensation policies. In fact, every employer in Wisconsin has been required to be fully insured since 1911. The Department of Workforce Development can mandate worker’s comp coverage in specific circumstances, such as: 

  • Insurance is required right away if your business usually employs three or more employees. 
  • If your business employs one or more employees, you must have insurance by the 10th day of the first month of the next calendar quarter.
  • Out-of-state employers must have worker's compensation insurance if they have employees working in Wisconsin.  The policy must be with an insurance company licensed to write in Wisconsin and endorsed to name Wisconsin as a covered state.

Commercial construction is booming in southeastern Wisconsin right now. The Valeri Agency has been serving clients in our community for more than 60 years. Choosing a local agency for your worker’s compensation policy-and for all your insurance needs-just makes good business sense. We are here for you, 24/7. Contact the Valeri team today and see why Local Matters.

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