Be Prepared For Open Enrollment

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Be Prepared For Open Enrollment

October 12, 2020

With the pandemic raging here in Wisconsin, health insurance is more important that ever. Open enrollment is right around the corner and it’s important to consider your options and plan for the year ahead. 

There are still two primary insurance companies that provide individual health plans for Kenosha and surrounding areas for individuals purchasing subsidized insurance under Obamacare. These companies offer several plan designs, all of which are network-driven. (That is an important distinction – it means that they don’t offer out-of-network coverage except in case of emergency.) 

The pricing is similar between the two major carriers but there are differences in service and in access to physicians. Consumers should do research and compare to find the policy that is the best fit. Things to keep in mind include location of doctors and hospitals; whether a higher deductible works with your household budget; and where you live, as rates are sed impacted by geography and demographics. 

Consumers can also purchase short-term insurance policies, one or three years (the three-year policy has an annual renewal process). 

America’s economy is in flux right now and many Kenosha and Racine residents are facing an uncertain work future. This obviously impacts their health insurance; whether it be through loss of access to their workplace plan or their ability to affords insurance without the credits and options available under Obamacare.

During open enrollment this year, pay close attention to what is offered by your employer if you are still working, including deductibles and in-network co-pays, the location of the doctors who are most relevant to you and your family. Contact the Valeri Agency team with questions or to discuss your coverage needs. We are here for you. Because local matters.  


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