Be Prepared and Be Safe during Severe Weather | Valeri Agency

Be Prepared and Be Safe during Severe Weather | Valeri Agency

Be Prepared and Be Safe during Severe Weather | Valeri Agency

April 17, 2019

This year has seen severe weather across the country, including right here in the Midwest. Devastating flooding, high winds, severe storms and tornadoes have impacted thousands. With the emotional repercussions that occur after the damage has been done, there also comes the struggle to rebuild and replace necessary material possessions-appliances, furniture, clothing, food. It’s so important to be ready and have the right coverage in place before the unexpected happens. Let the team at the Valeri Agency help you secure the best policies for all your needs and provide peace of mind.

Here are some easy ways to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you and your loved ones:

  • Document your valuables. Take photos or videos of the rooms in your home; having that documentation is a big help with processing a replacement claim.
  • Keep photos and important documents in a secure location (a bank’s safety deposit box is a good option).
  • Pay attention to weather bulletins and alarms. Meteorologists use the latest technology to give as much notice as possible when dangerous weather is impending - and when tornados may form - but nothing is certain and weather patterns can change.
  • Listen to forecasts and plan accordingly.

Have a family safety plan. Do your children know what to do if severe weather hits? Do they know the safest place in your home? Spend some time making sure that all of your loved ones are informed and aware.

Our friends at West Bend Insurance put together a very helpful, detailed article on tornado safety. It includes tips on what you should do even before storms hit, how to be safe during a tornado, and how best to assess damage after one.

Please read their blog and then contact the Valeri Agency team. Our specialists get to know every client, find out about your specific needs and then work with you to obtain the most appropriate policies. We can help you protect all that matters.

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