Are You Signed Up for Medicare?

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Are You Signed Up for Medicare?

November 18, 2019

Of the over 74,000 adult citizens living in the City of Kenosha, over 12,000 are in the age category qualifying them as "senior citizens". That means, at this time of year when open enrollment is occurring for Medicare, there are over 12,000 Kenoshans who could benefit from the expertise our professionals at the Valeri Agency can provide assistance to.

Medicare is broken into several different components, including A, B, C and D and there are a wide variety of options that will impact the decisions seniors make at enrollment. What type of supplemental plan is appropriate in your circumstances? Is a spouse already in Medicare and, if yes, is there a discount available if the spouse is enrolled in the same supplemental plan? What coverage options do you have for your specific prescriptions under the various plans?

Which Medicare coverage you select is often driven largely by the role of supplemental insurance benefits. What you do for prescription coverage depends on the drugs you take and the cost of that coverage under the various options. 

 Medicare supplemental insurance (Medigap) is designed to help cover some of the costs that Medicare doesn't cover. Generally speaking, you can receive care from any doctor who accepts Medicare. As long as you keep your premium current, supplemental insurance is guaranteed renewable. There are many private carriers to choose from. Supplemental policies can help offset Medicare copays. 

 Valeri's professionals can also review with you those areas that are NOT covered by your supplemental insurance; things like long term care, visions and routine dental appointments. 

It's pretty overwhelming, especially for new Medicare enrollees. We all know baby boomers are not as computer proficient as their Gen X and Millennial children and grandchildren, so it's not as easy as just sitting down in front of the computer and quickly enrolling in the best option for you.

 For your reference, these are the various components of your personal Medicare plan that Valeri can assist you with:

  • Medicare Part A – hospital insurance
  • Medicare Part B – medical insurance 
  • Medicare Part C – Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Part D – prescription drug coverage
  • Medigap Insurance – supplemental insurance plans

At the Valeri Agency, we pride ourselves in being able to sort through the red tape and provide complete yet simple information to the seniors who visit us. We have the experience and the expertise to do the research quickly and give a meaningful summary to our senior citizen clients. 

Enrollment for 2020 closes on December 7, so time is of the essence. Interview appointments are filling quickly as the word spread about the valuable services we are providing.  Call the Valeri Agency at 262-654-0221 today to make your appointment with one of our Medicare experts. You'll be glad you did.

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