Jeff Valeri, ARM

Jeff Valeri, ARM

Vice President

Contact Info:

262-654-0221  x1025

Jeff appreciates working with a team that has such a wide knowledge base. Everyone at Valeri Agency is dedicated to meeting the continuing needs of clients. “I enjoy helping longtime friends and family protect their assets, achieve their goals and enjoy the wonderful quality of life that Kenosha has to offer,” Jeff stated.

During his tenure at Valeri Agency, Jeff has witnessed significant changes to the insurance industry. While technology has made some processes much quicker and easier, it can’t replace the one-to-one interaction between clients and specialists at Valeri Agency. The team prides itself on developing and nurturing those relationships.

Like many others at Valeri Agency, Jeff believes in giving back to the Kenosha community. The Agency has been active a longtime supporter of the Boys & Girls Club and the Kenosha Achievement Center. And anyone driving near their office during the holidays has seen their beautiful, larger-than-life lighted display.

Clients value the expertise, experience and commitment of the entire Valeri team.